Business Valuation

  • Regulatory

    ✓ Gift and Estate Tax
    ✓ Employee Stock Option Plans
    ✓ Charitable Contributions

  • Consulting

    ✓ Buy, Sale, Acquisition
    ✓ Exit Strategy
    ✓ Succession Planning
    ✓ Financing

  • Litigation Support

    ✓ Shareholder Disputes
    ✓ Marital Dissolution
    ✓ Prenuptial Agreements

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What is a Business Valuation

A business valuation  is the independent and unbiased supportable opinion of the value of a business, business ownership interest, or security. At Caprock Business Consulting, our valuations are performed by a qualified, professional appraiser experienced in all aspects of business valuation, which are performed in compliance with the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). Compliance with industry standards ensures that proven peer-reviewed valuation methods are used to develop defendable opinions of value. Our experience in business valuation gives you assurance that the appropriate methods are used to reach an accurate and reliable estimate of the market value of your business. Our strength in business valuation stems from our hundreds of business valuation reports utilized for litigation support and filings with the Internal Revenue Service. We have also performed an array of business valuations for asset-holding entities and family limited partnerships.

Who needs one?

A business appraisal is an essential part of running a business and sooner or later every business owner will need an accurate and reliable valuation or an appraisal. If you own a business, a business interest, or want to determine how much your business is worth, you will at some point need professional valuation services.

Whether you are looking to value your business as part of your estate plan, sell your business, acquire a competitor, or have pending litigation matters, we can help navigate the complexity of valuing your business and/or understanding the impact of the valuation to your current situation. We provide valuable advice to both attorneys and clients for estate planning needs, mediation and settlement negotiations.

Can’t my CPA provide the Business Valuation Services I need?

As a non-CPA firm, we focus exclusively on financial analysis and business valuation services on a daily basis. Not all business valuations are performed with the same standard of care. We pride ourselves by providing the highest quality and cost effective business valuation services available, which are performed in compliance with industry standards and the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). We provide business valuations throughout Lubbock, Amarillo, Odessa / Midland, and the surrounding communities.

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